the farinata tapes

The Farinata Tapes

“The Farinata Tapes” is a live recording of Yiannis Gougourelas and Kostas Liagkouras as they cover some classics from the American bluegrass and roots tradition – Recorded live in Savona on May 30th, 2015 – Recording hosted, sponsored and produced by Bagnasco & Casati finest acoustics. Scroll down for technical info on the recording.

Home Sweet Home
Peter Byrne's Fancy
Bully of the Town
Deep River Blues
I'm a Pilgrim
Ragtime Annie
Salt Creek
Bill Cheatum
Rose Connelly
Going Down That Road Feeling Bad
Nine Pound Hammer
New River Train

RIGHT CHANNEL: Yiannis Gougourelas – guitar, harmony vocals. Yiannis plays his 2015 Bagnasco & Casati J-45 replica, with Italian ‘moon’ spruce top, Honduran mahogany back and sides, 3-piece construction poplar neck, maple V neck rod, poplar neck and end blocks | Microphone: AKG C3000

LEFT CHANNEL: Kostas Liagkouras – guitar, vocals. Kostas plays a 1946 Martin D-18 graciously provided by Bagnasco & Casati | Microphone: Oktava MK-319 modded by Michael Joly for best tone

Captured live via a M-Audio interface into Adobe Audition, recorded and mixed at 44,1 kHz 32 bit