guitar repair and restoration

Restoration & Repair

We offer to our customers a highly skilled service of restoration and repair of acoustic and electric guitars, vintage or new.

When it comes to instruments repair, we believe that less is more: the most conservative, least invasive approach is always to be preferred. Any work needs to be performed with a thorough understanding of its short and long term implications on the instrument’s value, as well as on the instrument’s tone and functionality. This applies in general, but especially to valuable vintage guitars, where originality and quality of workmanship are paramount. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, but when it comes to vintage guitar repair, there’s usually only one correct way. Years of practice and study on the great American acoustic guitars of the 20’s to 40’s have provided us with the necessary understanding to tell the correct way.

Vintage guitars repair has taught us the art of guitar making. Our passion for traditional materials (moon-harvested air dried wood, hot hide glue, nitro lacquer finish, real celluloid, etc.) and traditional techniques (dovetail neck joint, season-driven building process, etc.) is rooted in our deep appreciation of the guitars  of the Golden Era.

There’s simply no place for improvisation when a valuable vintage guitar is on the bench and no excuse for any lack of knowledge or skill. The times when great guitars were ruined by repairmen performing bad work due to lack of knowledge should be long gone by now.

We perform any type of repair work, no matter how complex, on instruments coming from all over Europe. Please feel free to inquire about our availability. We’ll be happy to reply with all relevant information to safely pack and ship your guitar to our premises, as well as provide you with a detailed price quote for any work needed.