1934 Martin 0-18

SOLD | Very nice playing and sounding old Martin: huge tone from a small box. 2 piece Adirondack top, Honduran mahogany back and sides, 14 fret to the body, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge, bar frets. We reset the neck on this one using hot hide glue (only glue we have in the workshop), leveled and dressed the bar frets and replaced the saddle with a hand fit bone saddle, which has been glued in with hot hide glue (through saddles have to be glued in, regardless of other opinions!). As a consequence, not only it sounds like a small cannon, but it also plays effortlessly up and down its slightly V-shaped, ultra-comfortable neck. Previous repairs were performed to close and cleat a dryness top crack (see photo) which is now nearly invisible, and to plug and touchup a side hole (see photo), for drilling which the responsible ‘repair-guy’ is surely bound to luthier’s hell. No big deal, anyhow. Tuners look quite right, but are ’50s Grovers. Functional, aesthetically credible, but not original to this guitar. The tone of this guitar is loud, fat (believe it or not!), subtle and has embedded the absolute clarity that only comes with good condition and age in vintage instruments. Shines both flatpicked and fingerpicked. A no-brainer, really. Comes with a newer hardshell Geib-style case.

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