1944 Gibson ‘maple’ LG-2

SOLD | These guitars are very few and far between. A banner LG-2 with maple back and sides doesn’t come up for sale often. Let alone in these conditions. This guitar is all original (except for the bridge pins, the ones that are on now are bone pins) with no issues of sort. No cracks anywhere. Neck has never been reset and a reset is not needed. Frets look original too (they are oversize, like on some other Gibsons we’ve seen from similar vintage) and have life left in them. Finish has the usual crazing, dings and scratches. Flaked off a bit on the neck heel (again, very common – see pic). Neck is maple (or birch) 5 piece construction with the adjustable steel truss rod. Fingerboard and bridge are of gumwood (or coffewood, as sometimes referred to), which is typically found on banners of this vintage. The sound that these rare and desirable flat tops produce is unique. Nothing quite compares to them: their tone is pure Gibson, with an added meatier, duller sparkle, compared to their std mahogany b&s counterparts. Notes are just big, punchy and round. Very very present, cutting and plenty loud. In fact, this guitar is VERY loud! Ideal tone for a flatpicker who likes to blend chords with lyirical, single note breaks. Notes ring forever with authority, spaciousness and a syrupy, mellow tone that just won’t quit. Very, very addictive. Guitar comes with a rather nice vintage Gibson case (from the ’60s).

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